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Your vehicle's braking system is of paramount importance. It is essential that your brakes are inspected regularly to ensure they remain in good working order. Z Cars Auto Services recommend that a braking system should be checked at least twice a year. Speak directly to one of our expert mechanics to ensure quality service at an affordable price throughout Clayton.

Car Brake Pads & Discs

Our full brake inspection examines the condition of your brakes and its components to keep you safe and prevent costly repair bills in the future. Our inspection includes:


• Brake pads, discs & shoes

• Callipers / wheel cylinders

• Brake pipes

• Brake lights

• Handbrake cable & linkages

• Brake drums & fluid

Inspection & Examination

If you detect difficultly or general grinding when changing gears, or an irregular revving of the engine without accompanying speed increase, it may well mean that your clutch is damaged and in need of repair. Our qualified mechanics are fully equipped with the latest diagnostic tools to ensure a comprehensive examination of your clutch system, from cable repairs to plate replacements, all offered at an affordable price.

Clutch Repairs

Prevent costly repair bills in the future. Contact:


0161 839 4785

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